Memorandum of Understanding between Institute for Free Market Economy (IFME) and College ESLG


The Institute for Free Market Economy (IFME) and College ESLG have signed an memorandum of understanding and mutual recognition with the main purpose of cooperation in joint research and analysis that will be mainly in favor of the private sector, which will include students and academic staff of College ESLG, and in on the other hand, the IFME will contribute to advising on the development of the most up-to-date curricula at ESLG College.

College ESLG is the only institution of higher education in Kosovo that provides superior education in unique study programs that contribute to the economic growth and competitive advantage of Kosovo. College ESLG is the only institution that is specialized in high quality academic research in the field of real estate management, sustainability, facility management, and energy efficiency.

College ESLG is an associate member of New University Ljubljana, Slovenia and offers internationally accredited study programs. 

The common goal of IFME and College ESLG is to achieve European and international standards of real estate management, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection, as well as efficient management of the construction and energy sectors.,1

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